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Instructions for the Posters and Demos Session

  • The poster and demo session will be held in a large room where people will be able to walk around and stop by in groups to get more details about your posters or demos.
  • If you are presenting a poster, you should prepare (size A1 is the one recommended, although it seems that it will be possible to have A0 posters as well - we will confirm this as soon as possible -) where you should include a description of the accepted poster in any format (including text, graphics, etc.).
  • The posters will be placed in a board that we will assign you before the poster and demo session.
  • If you are presenting a demo, you may be also willing to bring a poster with you, since you will also have a posterboard where you can put it. This usually helps in explaining people your demo.
  • There will be a 6ft table in front of all posterboards so that you can place your computer, brochures or any other information that you think that it can be useful to explain your work. In all cases we will also have two chairs that can be used if considered necessary by you (these are specially useful for those presenting demos).
  • Finally, during the session we expect that you will be there most of the time to answer questions from those interested in your poster or demo, making presentations and demos, etc.

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