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Building Ontology-based Applications using Pellet (half day tutorial)

Monday, 26th October, 8:30- 12:30


This tutorial focuses on practical, application-oriented uses of OWL and Description Logics in the real world, based on proposer’s ex- perience developing Pellet, a leading OWL reasoner for Java, and OWL- based information systems, services, and apps. Participants will work hands-on with a range of OWL software, including Pellet, Prot´eg´e 4, and related tools, in order to learn how to build real-world applications using OWL and automated reasoning systems. Tutorial will cover the basics of OWL 2, modeling in knowledge representation, and Pellet command- line tools and programmatic APIs, including Jena and Manchester OWL API. Special attention will be paid to using Pellet via Protege 4, an open source OWL ontology development environment. Tutorial will also teach participants how to use open and closed world assumptions for both infer- ence and Linked Open Data cleansing, including OWL and SWRL-based ontology alignment. Tutorial will walk participants through the creation of a simple client tool for data mashups using Linked Open Data. Finally, participants will learn how to determine which APIs to use in order to have fine-grained control over automated reasoning services, including SPARQL-DL conjunctive query and inference explanation, in Pellet.


  • Evren Sirin, Clark & Parsia

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