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BLOGIC; or, Now What's in a Link?

Pat Hayes
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition

Putting logic on the Web has seemed like an intellectual one-way street: the logic was all worked out a century ago or more, the technology is 20 years old, and we are simply dealing with the dirty practical business of putting it into XML and getting it onto the Web. But there needs to be some intellectual traffic in the other direction. When logic meets the Web we have to re-think several of the basic assumptions of logic itself, to the point that it should be seen as a new subject, with a new name: blogic. This talk surveys several foundational issues in blogic that either never arose previously in logic, or have to now be reconsidered, focussing particularly on issues arising from linked data and the need for an 'intimatelyRelatedButMaybeNotActuallySameAs' relation.

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